Below are some brief FAQ’s answered by Title Loans Bakersfield:

1.  What kinds of loans are offered by your company?

Our company specializes in two types of loans.  They are Pink slip loans and auto title loans.  You can use your car as always, however the only difference is that the title of your vehicle is transferred to us.

2.  Does bad credit affect the loan approval?

No, we only care if you own the title to your car and the vehicle is worth at least $4000.00.

3.  Once I am approved, how long will it take for me to receive the money?

It takes as little as 15 minutes for you to receive the loan amount once your application is approved.

4.  How much can I borrow?

Our special loans start at $2,600 and are based on actual cash value of your vehicle.

Below are some appraised loan amounts:

YearMakeModelTrimTypical Loan Amount
2009AudiA32.0 T$9000 – $10,000
2006GMCEnvoySLE$7000 – $8000
2002ChevroletSuburbanC1500 LS 2WD$4500 – $6500
2008FordFusionSEL$7500 – $8500

5.  What is the minimum required value of a vehicle to get title loans?

Your vehicle must be at least worth $4000.00

6.  Am I authorized to use my vehicle once the title is transferred to you?

Yes, you can still use your car as usual; the only difference is that we own the title to your car.

7.  Do I need to be employed?

No, we approve loans based on your current car value.

8.  Can I still get a loan if I’m on disability or retired?

Just call and see if we are able to help you because it still might be possible.

9.   Will I get penalized for paying too early?

Of course not, you can repay the loan off early whenever you like plus there will be no penalty.

If there are further questions not addressed on this page regarding title loans. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly experts to discuss your unanswered questions.